Highlights of Inner Illuminations appear for all


gaia_energy1Highlights of Inner Illuminations appear for all.

Letterings upon planetary parchments tell the tale.

Blisterings are deemed inappropriate for the moment.

Protions of Higher Vibrationals impress upon hu-manity.

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At the Table Forming Bridges


Bridges are formed at critical crossings..crucial moments…..it is where the journey, experience, or lesson would end, OR KEEP REPEATING… if not for the bridge…

The bridge is on the ridge of not knowing….observation….and the breath…..this is a passage for going above and beyond the old paradigms.

The stepping in and out of the different frequencies, dimensions of consciousness, and perceived realities, all in layers and echoes, are what we are learning to navigate with and beyond. Bridges are available for those that are finally weary of walking in circles.

Allow the cells of the vessel to feel the bridge that will give  passage to the dimension and frequency that you resonate with. Feel your intuition. Accept then where you touch that sweet spot, and accept not knowing anything more than that moment….breathe…observe…FEEL not only the expansion…but also the FREEDOM, and the rush as your desires are met….all in the stillness in action..crossing that bridge.

Your wakened wisdom expands ….it is your Souls voice expressing, expanding, experiencing…..GUIDING YOU …learn to hear this higher frequency ….feel its clarity..it is calling for you to LISTEN differently now….its calling you to action WITH Life….as we cross the bridge that takes us to a new melding zone, beyond the bend…





At the Table Low Frequency Listening




I ask my SELF…”what life is it you seek and are you ready to LIVE IT once you FIND IT?”

This is the in-between as the quickening begins….as we prepare ourselves for the next process in this ascension game. Just when we have mastered so many answers this life has brought us to..this quickening comes..but now..we observe with a higher frequency, no longer low frequency listening…

The quickening of OUR ENERGY, a glance at our reflections, that which we are creating with unconscious thought, reveals much deeper truths if we become conscious of these glances, FEEL this….. as we sacrifice all wants…gracefully.  At what frequency are you listening and/or observing?

We have stepped from the dimension of low frequency listeners.  Beyond the bend of our light we FEEL the high frequency observations here…..our senses ignite. This is a natural flow we step into, and with, at this point of consciousness. We interact with our worldly affairs with cunning strategy from the direction of our Souls voice, and this higher frequency of Being.

The revealing of opportunity that we manifest from our desired creations are instantly placed upon our path. Belief could and maybe does, have an effect upon this quickening, but more, is simply the expecting of such, feeling your command of such. There really is no thought ….there is the light igniting the pathway… and the intentional creating.

Stepping forward into this understanding or ability we observe glances our Soul does make reflections with…. play with this….meld with this……. feather the flame. Feel the energy change as the wind changes..easy, softly…. on purpose…. as we quicken our response to energy created from the rhythm of its origin. This is us learning to work with our power AND OUR SOUL….

This is us as Humans responding with our Soul…. with a higher mind of acceptance…of presence. We work with the quickening now.. FEEL this high frequency observation, FEEL this rising knowledge….

This point of consciousness is indeed where we master this quickening beyond the patterned programing of low frequency listening. The mental energy must be sacrificed gently…for the union with the Souls Voice.

Allowing the Souls expression, without thought and want…will reveal ALL that is ready to become…..The Soul will bring you to a remembering….FEEL THIS…it is a mighty presence of consciousness…..it is your immeasurable Souls passion rising ….coming to Life…



Nova Gaia grids descend


gaia_energy1Nova Gaia grids descend.

Implantations of foreigns flee.

Stagnations are cracked as Higher Elements impress.

Stresses of Higher Energetics clear the way.

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At the Table Guidance



Stop Denying the Power of Others


New Moon in Aquarius 2016 Higher Understanding

when chickens cross the road


At the Table Bumping Scars



As this week began,  I bumped a few scars…those  woundings that I surely knew were healed, yet..are still felt as I brush against the grain of my life…. as they softly speak…..”please be with me”…..

Scars are deep within and although they are on our bare bones, skin does not cover them up..nor protect us from their language, when they are bumped…as we read the tattoos our scars wear….we hear them say ”please read my signs” as our bravery is felt….and we take a deep breath.

These scars no longer bleed…and observing the flow within, as the scar is bumped, I reveal to myself that which I merely must dance with…embrace this life with…. as I rescue myself and sooth these scars, and as I feel them madly, completely….  I ask them to tell me what I need to find so deep within me…..

A deep passionate heart re-awakens my zest and feels my thunder…….as I run on the sharpened edges of new creations, catching my breath between the gulps of air and the tall drink of water…. This self love is immense, for it involves both sacrifice and presence.

This is a mellow process..this melding within our new state of consciousness. It is bittersweet to touch these scars and then to stop and observe their needs here in this new dimension we are finding ourselves in. It is indeed with grace, where we can feel the texture of life changing…where there is simply knowing..and beyond this knowing  is where we know not yet….but are creating….


New Moon in Aquarius 2016 Higher Understanding | Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY


Daily Aspects – Feb 8 – New Moon at 19:16 Aquarius

5D Astrology

There is a powerful New Moon on Monday morning that has a few old 3D Boomerang Finger of Gods in it along with the Sun and Moon in Square to Mars, though it is separating.

It could the friction you need to make a powerful ‘fresh start’ this month wherever you have 19:16 Aquarius in your chart.

There are 3 aspects early on Monday morning just as the Moon is applying to Conjunct the Sun that will set the tone for the New Moon.

At 4:38am Venus at 19:09 Capricorn Sextiles Chiron at 19:09 Pisces.

This aspect actually continues the 3-way aspect between the Sun, Venus and Mars yesterday as they were all at 18+ degrees of their respective Signs on Saturday, but the Sun and Venus will meet Chiron at 19+ degrees JUST BEFORE THE NEW MOON.

Choose healing and gratitude for any pain that you feel, as you…

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February New Moon 2-8-16

wonderful flow of guidance…

Readings by Yerevan

The Chinese New Year is marked by the New Moon of February, this year falling on the 8th at 19 degrees of Aquarius. In the northern hemisphere, many breathe a sigh of relief at reaching the end of winter’s dark tunnel and seeing the first signs of spring. We are entering the Year of the Monkey, which could bring a high degree of playfulness and success in our cherished endeavors. Monkey years are more progressive and fast-paced than other years, helping us to get out of our ruts and get a lot done.

A theme during this New Moon is around recovering from the many of the sharp blows experienced during Mercury’s retrograde cycle throughout January and dealing its post-shadow still in effect until February 14th. The Gregorian New Year started off with a breakdown in our major channel for communication (at least in astrological terms), Mercury, which formed an…

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Simulation similarities are noted in hu-beings


gaia_energy1Simulation similarities are noted in hu-beings.

Energetic lamp postings are conveyed in confidence.

Stargate potentials are expanded.

Forefronts of discovery are transcended.

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