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Why You’re Feeling Lonely


Take a deep breath…and be in your world your way…you and your tribe will connect…

Originally posted on Welcome to Brenda's Blog:

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s July 31, 2015 channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at  You’ve evolved spiritually and emotionally for months, years, maybe decades. Now it’s time for your physical being to do so. This phase may continue for days or a few months, but certainly not years for it is time to claim new you in totality – including your physical body. And so you are.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog for “Moving into a Radical Shift”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Even though connecting with others via the Internet is wonderful, such is not like touching one another physically. So it is you are lonely for physical connections – whether of a romantic nature or not.

Your nerves seem to cry out for…

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At the Table You Are Here

My Life Journey is that of the Koi ..BECOMING THE DRAGON…as I cross Dragons Gate..crossing that magical gate to become the true self….the Self that lives beyond these rivers of illusions…stepping into my immortal mastery….once I realized..I was no longer the fish swimming against the flow….I became the Dragon…

I am very good at living NOW…not tomorrow or yesterday..neither are truth..I can no longer shed a tear for the past….there is a drought here in Cali..have you heard?

It is indeed a fine feeling, to experience the choice you make to empower your own life. To not be tied to an expectation of what tomorrow must contain…I know firsthand..that the tomorrow you hold onto in your mind or your heart..…never ever comes. But what you choose TODAY…and how you choose to observe and experience the path….DOES manifest into your journey reach Dragon Gate..and the test is whether you are a strong enough  today to let yourself see your life for the first time…BEYOND THE SHADES YOU WEAR….and to cross through it…and create a brand new story…for once you cross the are no longer the fish…

There is no “safe” passage to carry you from the mud to the river ….you will surely drown in that puddle…… the gate appears when You throw out all the rules for risk management, and forge on …risking it become….that’s where the river flows with clarity and purpose….where freedom flows…where groundhog day no longer can show up disguised as today…

Last week, so much came for review..but it was not a clearing as much as a simple experience to review where I have traveled from. I know it came as a me sight for today…..the sight of where I have come from….and  have come to…. a validation of a healed wound.…and I witnessed it all allowing it to I observed myself and this moment as an eagle..flying above the flow…and it faded almost as fast as it came… I SAW the pattern, where it was born from the mud…..and I simply flew above it and  with a breath…it faded away…and dawn came and it was a magical moment…

I know this …I have done all this before now…but NOW…. I know I will not ever walk in these puddles again. I no longer lick my wounds. I know this story..and I have read the ending…for you see…I created it….

The threads are so very fine… long do you want today to last? That, dear fellow travelers, is the golden question to ask yourself. are seeing things that really do not exist, when you are trying to look through mud…through your memories.  The sun rises each shed light on our path for new journey’s…not to stay in the shadows.

Thank you for joining us At the Table, and as always we are grateful to share what is On my Plate. I had planned on taking a small break from the blog but I am passionate about sharing here, so as inspiration comes..I will continue to share.

Today is a fine day to know you are immensely loved and adored… be well, and feel the passion of your heart..and Soul…May the Long Time Sun shine upon you ………Namaste’

Beautiful Blue Moon Blessings

animated beautiful reflections | TOUCHING HEARTS: BEAUTIFUL IMAGES – REFLECTION – GIF –

The Oracle Report

Full Moon in Aquarius – Illuminating Our Way Back Home | Wake Up World


You say the hill’s too steep to climb,
You say you’d like to see me try,
You pick the place and I’ll choose the time
And I’ll climb
The hill in my own way
just wait a while, for the right day
And as I rise above the tree line and the clouds
I look down, hear the sound,,, of the things you said today
Pink Floyd

Thank you for joining us today At the Table. We are sharing conversation and coffee, so please join us.

All inspirational ideas come from beyond the mind. Divine inspiration is that which just flows to your intuition, your third eye sight, and you are immediately changed if you flow with this inspiration. You perceive your creations while the mind stands still, and is the observer.

I witnessed this when I truly released the residue of fear that I held onto this lifetime, inspiration came in from many doors.I witnessed how leaving me on my own, was my saving grace…I could not have known my strength or the truth of my worth..without each layer of lessons. I am fearless…and relentless in moving beyond the illusion….

The last few days have been one incredible insight after another. It also is, that with each new insight, comes a shift of awareness, of where I have been.

Once you arrive to new conscious dimensions, you are able to look back to see where you were, and what brought you here. With the reflection in observing this, it is a fine relief as the truth stands there as tall as the mountain. It is the deepest breath, the most beautiful echo ever. It is the echo of freedom.

I looked at my own Self with sight of awareness,reflecting on where I never knew I dwelled. It is so true…that which we fear, is always what is right in front of us in truth.. its knowing the truth…fear hides our sight …truth can hurt..but healing is stronger…

For me, I saw that I held my truth in for so many years, for fear of the Solitude speaking my truth would bring. And lo and behold…that’s exactly what happened. was supposed to. That was the RIGHT ACTION to stay my Souls lessons depended on it. I was climbing the hill my way.

I can see all the steps from my young childhood, so carefully traveled to arrive here. I got so close TO FREEDOM, so many times on this journey of life. But, I let fear guide me, and I did not even know I held onto fear like a security blanket. I was not yet prepared. I was trying to change my world…and everyone in my life, but you cannot fill a bucket when it is over turned. Of course, I know this inside and out. This lesson, this fine understanding is easy once you begin to awaken, but until you get to the root of the giant lesson…GET TO WHERE IT WAS BORN FROM…., you cannot see the full picture. I believe it is of course divinely timed, for when you are ready and can accept the immense truth. Once you are at the right frequency within, all your energy is aligned, the shifts come, and your Soul takes the lead. Just like the process of do not command just turns the lights on….Once you begin to witness the patterns, the energy can not keep repeating. The patterns were finely illuminated. The information flooded my memory banks and I saw one epiphany after another. It was a daily slide show. Each day brought a higher awareness. I want to clarify that, not a higher awareness, a deeper awareness…and I saw beyond my minds idea. The fire within me was ignited and I was INSPIRED by how I, MY Soul of ME, handled this entire journey. I witnessed immense grace.

There is a much larger realization when you step beyond this moment..this story in your life..which was merely an illusion..yes the traumas happened, but the echoes were not real..that which happened..was then become layers and layers of echoes..the story only lives in the echoes you keep allowing to repeat in your mind…..a moment where the echoes were the patterns you believed to be true. When you stop the echoes, when you turn away from the story…the patterns end. Nothing of illusion can exist unless you stay in the game.

The Blue Moon this morning at 3:30 a.m.  illuminated my gratitude walk with reflections of divine guiding love…the energy felt comforting, and I have accepted and experienced the healing complete within my heart. I was able to see the rest of the pieces..the aspects of the hurt and grief…and gave myself the space and courage to accept the place where I have been …the experience gave me so much more than I was searching for…as I climbed this mountain, THE VIEW BECAME ENORMOUS.The patterns simply faded…..

Everything we have overcome to this point has given us tools to use in the new steps we will take. Strength, observation,courage, love, faith, happiness, and peace are some of the fine tools we will be called on to use. Decisions are made in a matured wisdom of energy that propels us forward..and away from this old story of a past that no longer echoes here. The patterns are gone.I choose to meld with this energy today, accepting the assistance of this fine planet and our Blue Moon…and the very stars tattooed upon my Being…. I step into a new energy of NEW beginnings. I no longer fear, being in my world. I am perfectly suited to participate with new opportunities without hesitating.

Thank you for joining us today At the Table. I am immensely grateful to share what is On my Plate. Thank you for your support and love. Create an amazing adventure, filled with courage and acceptance of all that is. Dare to step wildly into your passion. You, dear fellow travelers, are amazing..

Once in a Blue Moon..every wish you dare to dream..can come true….Imagine your new life…by the Light of the Moon… …Namaste’

Full Moon 31.7.15 – Time to Act


Powerful guidance 💜

Originally posted on jbuss Astrology:

gal3837bpGalena, Lead Sulfite, the ultimate Grouding Crystal.  Heavy, you only need a little.  Find a small Crystal and keep it in a pill capsule or a small plastic bottle; you don’t want to be handling or inhaling the Lead.  Galena collects and stores Energy that’s not ready to be used yet, so you can use it as a reservoir.

  Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω  

There are places in our Lives where we Hesitate to take full control because no one has given us Permission or Authority to do so.  Power is never Given, only Taken.  These are precisely the places where WE need to Give Ourselves not just Permission and Authority, but a Mandate.  We need to Take the Power.  You know what needs doing.  This Full Moon is the time to Get Started.

There are places in our Lives where we Hesitate to…

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At the Table A Seed Dreaming Inside

**I had not planned on sharing this until August, when we return for conversation, here, At the Table. But this truly was such an immense experience. The energy at this time on this Earth is shifting so rapidly, and the timing of the planetary placements, the BLUE moon, and Divine Timing are all aligned. We are all experiencing many releases that are deeper than we know, until they show up..and if you are ready to release from your very Soul, the stagnant past echoes, then now is the ripening time….and you will experience grace assisting you**

Good morning and welcome to another conversation At the Table. It is a warm 75 degrees at 7:30 a.m. in Cali, on this day before the Blue Moon in July 2015. I experienced an immense clearing on this morning’s gratitude walk. It became a complete meltdown, and I realized, this is a perfectly timed release. I was not only ready to let it go, but the shifting energy assisted its appearance to view so deeply…to bring a closing to my entire life in the past, and to walk away from this self suffering  echo.

It is a raw experience that cut me to my very bones…a road that I am so very weary of traveling. Truly, I know what I am leaving behind, and  I am never looking back…ever again. I turn my eyes, for I realize…there is nothing there..there is no mercy..only shattered pieces of dreams.

The garden is so full of the dreams of the seeds I planted so long ago now. The crops I will soon bring to harvest are the living expressions of the seeds dreaming. They dreamed themselves to life..and as such, so did I.

The seed dreaming is much like the Soul…it too has been dreaming of the moments it can come to life, each dream timed perfect for the living.

As I walk in gratitude this day, I found tears falling at my feet. I miss a family that was never mine to be in, to be of. In one breath, as tears flow, I beg for their appearance at my door..or for them to open their door as I stand their knocking, for the light to fill their hearts…but it does not happen. I go to my mind and my heart takes over…broken yes..but strong..and my Spirit speaks forward…all the truths that the heart wants to ignore…I miss my family, that wanted me out of their life. I speak to the Universe and the Source of my Soul, and accept this truth that I cannot hide from this day.. I know this story too well to play. I look at the childlike heart that has grown, and the matured wisdom steps in to shine light on my heart.

Abandonment in all forms takes a toll on a Being. This has been healed I CRY..what good does this do, to show up here my heart…finding tears instead of strength? I realize..this is my strength..coming in on the wings of my the raw truth that I can look at as I stand at my observation point, and I see myself picking up all of my belongings, and move beyond this moment..but before I take a step..I say a prayer and ask for the healing to be complete. I am grateful to accept the tears and embrace this I rescue myself..hold on tight..and breathe. I allow myself to cry aloud,..and then…I saw the puddle of tears that I stood in..and I could only be grateful..for it nourishes the soil..and the soul. I took a deep breath, and felt this weight lift. I stay open to release more tears, they do not come. I stand at my Harmony Wall, and observe THE STORY. I also could see now, the lessons they carry, and their own weight, and I gave them each their own bags to carry, giving them exactly what they desire, and their own path. It is what I also require…to walk my own truth. We used up our need for each other. When it is is bone and soul deep..but bones heal, and the soul never lies. Taking a deeper breath in, I feel the blessings of my matured wisdom, and how the desire for healing is so much stronger than the desire to grieve. In that moment, I felt the same peace that has been in each of my moments for weeks, and it embraced me, and I gave this grief room to be see where it was born and where it belongs…in the the grave..

I keep trying to justify how and where it came. Trying to rectify it, and just getting lost a little further…. I must treat it so good, so it will not want for more. Daylight is so good at arriving at the right time…and as the sun appears..the night passes away..

This Blue Moon energy is building and I see that this release prepares me to expand my horizons. It offers its fine energy to illuminate that which must be cleansed for the grand expansion of Heavens Gates.

It is a feeling to understand this emotional moment. This seed continued to ferment deep within me. I experience that empowering energy of courage and my mastery steps forward. The moment has passed and dawn is a feeling..a beautiful healing…and a Moody Blues song comes into my future fears….it is true life fly’s faster than eyes could ever see. Pleasure starts flowing and it is full of knowing .

Never blame the rainbows…truth hurts when you only saw the lies… I was so good at taking everyone’s  pain as my own. It was my way to desperately dress myself good enough to love… The longer I ran, the farther from the truth I got. The feeling that I feared most was the one that traveled with me….the things I wanted most, were never meant to be and the sorrows of a thousand ghosts followed me. No more hiding or disguising truths I’ve sold.

I take responsibility for the pieces of me that I scattered, the sadness I carried with me, the fear and darkness that I laid with. My heart unfolds to realize the blooming.

The festering of this deepest wound is healed, God willing and the creeks don’t rise….as I no longer fear the release.

It’s been a long journey to this fine morning. I never imagined it to be this way. This solitude, this loneliness, nurtured my seeds dreams, and through these years, I have learned a few things worth sharing. You are right in guessing, that each and every lesson was hard..I am tired..I am weary and leaving the lonesome miles behind is all that I choose to do now.

I am grateful that I accepted the challenge of seeing this story yet again, but a new light gave me a new view..and a deeper strength. I surrender to my entire life. I am seeing things for the first time IN MY LIFE….  The clarity empowers my heart.

“When the wind blows down this hard, many a bond is broken”…Eric Clapton from “Only the Broken Hearted”

Thank you, dear fellow travelers, for visiting me this morning At the Table. I am grateful to be able to share what is On my Plate, openly and with courage.  You are all immensely loved and amazingly beautiful. I am in appreciation for all that is in my life now, for if it is here is truth…and for this..I am immensely grateful..and the dreams of the seeds within can bloom, they are nurtured to life with the truth of love that does live within me….Namaste’

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