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Empowering message for your heightened journey..this shift in awareness is right at your windows dear fellow travelers…observe the charge in your heart from the truth that empowers your movement forward…

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s February 27, 2015 channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at  If you’re rolling down the hill, your recent physical, spiritual or emotional discomfort is directly related to the creation of your personal vortex. This personal vortex is created by you for you. Those climbing the mountain can use these current energies for a more rapid ascent – if their physicality allows.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog for “You’re Prepping for the Role of a Lifetime”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Your life is never going to be as it is today or was yesterday. Some of you are sensing this deep shift. Others are wondering what recent messages of dramatic change are about.

Channels have stated, “What was is no longer” for…

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At the Table, Mastering The Questions

Good beautiful morning dear fellow travelers. Welcome to another conversation At the Table.

Today we share more information regarding the answers within your questions.  How many are on their scenic route to their ANSWERS? Here, At the Table, we ALL have taken that scenic route many times in the past and we are happy to share with you the knowledge we obtained while on that journey. Let us join in the conversation.

Each question your mind asks..already has the answer in it..and your Heart is where you hear this answer.  The mind wants to continue its perceived importance in your world. It tells you constantly that it knows best.. THAT YOU MUST SEEK ANSWERS OUTSIDE OF YOUR SELF, that you question your Mastery of knowing is proof that your mind knows better what to do. Welcome to your scenic route.

With Life Path questions, we place much immediate energy on knowing the RIGHT answer so we can take the right steps.. So in fear are many, that they will not take one step UNTIL they get an answer from “someone, they just do not TRUST their own heartful answers in truth.. It is the illusion that you believe you must seek answers outside of yourself. If it makes you happy to linger on the scenic route then enjoy the journey..being happy is truly what brings peace of that chattering mind, and with peaceful heart and mind..magic opens doors and answers are still there, but with a brighter clarity..Brilliantly shinning on your truth that you are now ready to embrace and participate in. Reaching out and asking for guidance and understanding is perfectly fine and can ignite the flame needed to bring you to that place of acceptance..the true mystics and teachers will gladly share their knowledge from THEIR experiences and lessons, BUT, they will ALWAYS empower you to know that YOU hold all the keys you need for all the locks you hold onto. Dear travelers, there is no racing required. The world will not blow up waiting on YOU to make a decision. Love yourself enough to Trust yourself.

Sometimes it just takes a frequency burst, that fueled energy we get when we share conversation with another charged being of liked energy..and the alchemy is magnified. Begin raising your vibrations, your natural Soul Songs, to match the vibrations or frequencies of that which you are seeking answers to..and you will begin to witness the MAGNETIC ATTRACTION YOU ARE CREATING..and the Mastery in your thoughts, and words. The best way we can share here is to tell you, to be in stillness, OBSERVE HOW YOU ASK THE QUESTION. Use appropriate words. Remember words and thoughts are powerful companions. We live with our echoes until we accept our responsibility within each thought, each word, each question, each answer.

It all must be with our own Self first.. honesty, responsibility, kindness, friendship, trust, love, truth, and so on…acceptance unconditionally of our selves is not easy when we believe in the illusion of lack of Mastery..this is what we speak of here now. Are you ready to risk it all for the abundant blessings you will receive? Have you suffered enough to have faced your greatest fears, and seen you have literally lived to tell your story dear Masters?

Thank you for joining us today At the Table. It is in truth and Love always.. that we share what is On my Plate with all who visit. Create an amazing question that takes your journey to new awareness and find your bliss..embrace your answers within your questions. Create an amazing adventure and enjoy your decide where and when at all times…I hope you have the time of your Life…Peace Out ♥♥♥



Powerful Love…empowering energy…this is but a brief three minutes and will be an echo within your entire day…Namaste’

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Wise Navigation of March Energies

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Wise Navigation of March Energies                                                                           by Selacia                                                                                                                                    February 26, 2015

With March and its wild energy ride just around the corner, consider preparing now with these insights about what’s in store and how you can shift personal outcomes in positive ways. Foresight and advance planning can make…

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It Keeps You Runnin Doobie Bros

Another Park, Another Sunday…DOOBIE BROTHERS

Hold On to your Dreams Triumph

Music hold the secret,
To know it can make you whole
It’s not just a game of notes,
It’s the sound inside your soul
The magic of the melody
Runs through you like a stream
The notes the play flow through your head
Like a dream
Like a dream
Like a dream

I sing this song for the common man
For the people in despair
I bring my song into the world
And I sing it everywhere
The simple truth lies waiting here
For everyone to share
So hold on, and I will take you there
Hold on and I will take you there

The daily routine takes your soul,
Lost without a trace
It hold you down and turns you ’round
And puts you in your place
Another day, another dollar
Another pretty face
Another chance to lose yourself
In the endless race

Hold on, hold on to your dreams
Hold on, even though it seems
Everyone around you has their little schemes
Listen to your heart and hold on to your dreams

Can’t you feel the magic
Feel it everywhere
Can’t you hear the music
There’s something in the air
There’s a celebration
Deep within a song
Celebrate this feeling,
You know it can’t be wrong

Hold on, hold on to your dreams
Hold on, even though it seems
Everyone around you has their little schemes
Listen to your heart and hold on to your dreams

Caught up in routine,
You got to break it
Time won’t wait for us,
We got to make it
Fate gives you the chance
You’ve got to take it
Take it

Hold on

Archangel Michael via Ronna Herman – Becoming A Practical Mystic – 3-1-15

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ronna1aBeloved masters, there is a Light Path that will lead you out of the density into the Lightness of the Spiritual Realms.   The key that allows you to traverse this Sacred Path is within you–it is called your Soul Song. You are attuned to what is called your Energetic Signature while you are functioning within the Third- / lower Fourth-Dimensional environment. You are gradually attuning to your SOUL SONG as you move through the remaining sub-levels of the Higher Fourth Dimension, and into the entry level of the Fifth-Dimensional environment.

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Coming Back Around


Blessings for your day..

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You are living in an amazing time with amazing power. Send something into The Universe and

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Flowing freely with Immense love…these are the days dear fellow travelers..

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If you imagine a still pool of water and then you drop a pebble in it,
waves of concentric circles emanate out from the center. You can
realize this picture in your mind’s eye as the beginning of creation. At this present moment(and a moment can be a very long or very short time) this planet is being engulfed in one of these high frequency energy waves which awakens sleeping DNA and the result is a change in consciousness of us, its inhabitants and the planet itself which is a living entity in itself.

This planet has been blessed with a young generation of shinning souls who will transform this planet into a place to be envied by the entire universe, and I thank you all for coming. Use the gifts you have been given–show them to the world. Your breaking down the…

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