Magic Storm 2

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Continuing from Magic Storm 1…

(3) Things are in flux here.  Boundaries are due for revision, as we discover that as our Unconscious Beliefs and our Values are Changing – more than we Realize, the Rhetoric we’ve been sharing with what we thought were Tribemates has relied too much on Assumption and not enough on Communication.  

We could just as well discover that someone we haven’t been Sharing much with actually may be a Tribemate, worthy of testing to see if greater Intimacy is Safe.  These Changes are not in general a hassle; it’s just Time for Change – we Adjust our Boundaries with folks constantly.

In fact, it’s an Opportunity.  If we let our degree of Intimacy (Social Intimacy, not Sexual Intimacy, though that may be in flux as well) ebb and flow, without Burning any Bridges, we’ll be moving toward the All-One-Tribe-But-With-Different-Rituals model that we need eventually to Embrace in…

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Magic Storm 1

jbuss Astrology

Of course one arena where we understand Magic – events with no apparent causal or mechanical antecedent – to occur is PIAVA.  When our car keys fall into our hand as soon as we Change the Subject, for example.  Another is the Miracles that can occur when we Change our Perspective; how rapidly our Distress can disappear, for instance, when we Empathize with it using a “Poor Sweetheart” or the equivalent.  Einstein’s “Can’t solve problem using same thinking that postulated it” theorem.  How quickly Lifetimes of Karma can melt away when we Realize that we’re grasping it rather than vice versa.

The third place where Magic occurs is around Timing.  If the Timing isn’t right we can try to brute-force something forever, and nothing happens.  But if, Consciously or Unconsciously, we can get the Timing just right, we can move a Mountain with our little finger.  Tolkien’s “When the Thrush knocks…

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Focus On: Mars Into Capricorn, and Regarding Pallas | Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

Insight Forest IV

jbuss Astrology

“She felt strange.  The feeling was so unsettling…” 

Don’t know about you; it’s very abstract, but the combination of this possibly-wet-pavement image and the snippet of text really brings up ancient Memories for me – Willingness to Compromise mySelf to try to Compensate for Loneliness – no Gene Kelly there!  Very fitting for our Insight Forest Adventure.

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Insight Forest II

jbuss Astrology

We’ll pick up where we left off at the end of Insight Forest I…

(4) What happens when our Unconscious Limiting Beliefs get blown away, and how can we prepare for that?  

Rhetoric is the Language style we use when we assume that whomever we’re talking to has the same Unconscious Beliefs as we do.  I use it a lot, so does Trump.  It’s the Language we use when we’re talking to our Tribe, and it saves us a lot of words.  One of its effect is to make someone from a rival Tribe either Angry or Intimidated.  Since Anger is a Sin in polite society, that ends up being the same as Intimidated.  Problem is, part of the Essence of our Changes is the Insight that we’re All One Tribe.

While some of us may be somewhat Conscious of the basis for our Rhetoric, much of it based on our…

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Insight Forest V

jbuss Astrology

Well, isn’t this intriguing.  A “Nova,” which could become a Supernova, has appeared over the last few days at – if my conversion from Right Ascension to Tropical Zodiac is correct – 23 Scorpio, “A rabbit metamorphoses into a nature spirit.”  Wouldn’t that blow open more of the Limiting Beliefs that have (quite unsuccessfully!) Banished Mother Nature to the Darkness.

It’s RA 15:29; see .  

It’s at the focus of a Finger of God based on the Sextile between Veritas-Chaos and Uranus-Eris, Lighting up Marianne Williamson’s Greatest Fear postulate superbly.  That would be quite remarkable if it became a daylight-visible Supernova.  It also Trine-Bridges the Nodal Opposition, and creates a Grand Trine with Vesta and Chiron, adding a strong twist of Grace to the whole Pluto-Station/Septile Storm/New Moon Affair.

However, I don’t think my conversion from RA to Tropical is correct.  Based on the RA and Tropical Degree of…

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Insight Forest III

jbuss Astrology

Again, we’ll continue where Insight Forest II left off…

(5) In the process of all these Changes, we’ll be getting Clearer about Who We Are, now that we’ve loosened our Masks and are more Conscious of our Authenticity, and more Conscious about when and why we get diverted from it.  In particular, we’re likely to be Discovering the Promises we made to ourself, and to others, which still Limit us even though they’re long since obsolete.  There is no downside to disavowing these Oaths, other than temporarily staggering under a blow to our Identity.

(6) One of the things that are likely to become Clear here, is the fuzzy, sticky Relationship between Who We Believe Ourself to Be and our Culture.  We’ve been Believing that it’s our Culture that has been Limiting us; now we’re Discovering that it’s as much or more Us that’s Limiting us, and that our Culture is…

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Insight Forest I

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(1) The primary feature of the 26 September Pluto Station chart is a forest of potential Epiphanies – which forest grows larger into the 28 September Magic Storm and the 30 September New Moon.  With this rush of Insight, many of the recent (and backlog of) Big Unconscious Changes will come into Awareness, accelerating our sense of Progress toward Healing the Planet and shifting our Cultures toward more Cooperation and less Competition.

(2) One of the more important issues here will be…

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.  We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous?  Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God.  Your playing small does not serve the world.  There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so…

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The Pathless Path

Revealing the Absolute

The path that leads to the center is unmarked and filled with uncertainty. There are many signs that point to it and it’s important to trust these, but the trail-head lies in one’s own heart. There is no guide when one steps onto it, as they must leave behind all that is known and familiar. Completely alone one travels forward, and it is only out of sheer devotion for the Inner Beloved that one is willing to pay the ultimate price and trade in “my life, my will.” This begins a journey for which one scarcely understands and there is no turning back from.

-Atreya Thomas

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Soul Truth

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A quick note before we get into the details about Pluto’s (Direct) Station, which occurs at 8am PDT on 26 September…

At 5am PDT on 25 September, after crossing dwarf planet Eris (Revealing Denial) in mid-June, Uranus (our Individual Soul) has come back to cross Eris for the second time.  In a typical second crossing, whatever difficulties we encountered at the initial crossing, are explicated for us.  

We refer to the first event in a series as the “Can-Opener,” because we’re often caught off guard when it often opens up a “Can of Worms” that we weren’t expecting.  We call the second event an “Exposition” because if we’re Listening, it Reveals to us what it is that the Can-Opener was trying to Teach us.  If we aren’t Listening, it feels like the Worms have turned into Snakes.  Of course, everyone who’s been reading this blog all along was well prepared…

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