Triumphal energetics are in process and continue to build


I am feeling and experiencing this message immensely. What a wonderful validation.

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gaia_energy1Triumphal energetics are in process and continue to build.

Resonance of Light becomes the strength.

Flash points averted, yet flashes are viewed.

Pardons have been arranged.

Frescoes of Higher Energies are now in formation.

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August-September VIII

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jet9322bpTumbled samples of the Mineral Jet, also known as Coal.  Isn’t Coal the ultimate in Manifestation?  A reminder that the road to Joy runs through Gratitude.

  Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω 

We’ve postulated that we’re being Ordered by the Galactic Command Center to Grieve the Loss of Unearned Privilege, or better yet, to celebrate the Loss as the Initiation of a Vision Quest to Retrieve an orphaned portion of our True Selves.  And we’re also being Asked to Take Full Responsibility to be Loving with the parts of ourself which we previously rejected as unfit for polite company.  Not Blame – which looks backwards to attempt to Understand Causes, but Responsibility – which looks forward to attempt to improve Outcomes.  Bear in mind that Ego Death, while it Feels like “I am dying,” it’s actually “I am dying,” to make room for an…

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Article: August Supermoon—Karmic Summer of Love Turning Point.

August Supermoon—Karmic Summer of Love Turning Point.

The Oracle Report
Deep breath dear fellow travelers…Enjoy your journey

At the Table Someone is Knocking at the Door

Good morning dear fellow travelers. Welcome to the conversation At the Table. The coffee today is Organic Gaia, and it’s served over ice. We are coming to summers end here in Cali..and the weather is fine for viewing pleasures..with our illuminated awareness to comfort us.

“The road to enlightenment is long and difficult, and you should try not to forget snacks and magazines.” 
Anne LamottTraveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith

When we knock on our own doors, and answer..we witness what lies within …we witness the strength of our faith, the courage of our Spirit, and the fortitude of our Soul….we illuminate our conscious life, we are born again…each time we answer the knock at the door…and the questions of what is next is answered as well. It is beyond the mind of daily human life all around us, but we witness with keen awareness, this human experience, through our Souls eyes. It is a neutral state of being…when reaction is triggered….it is a constant state of observing. As human beings, we will experience emotions, it is with this observation we are able to direct the energy of emotion to the energy of feeling the creativity within that emotion energy and change its frequency..its patterns…mastering the emotions.

“Enlightenment is ego’s ultimate disappointment.” 
― Chögyam Trungpa

As long as we experience life as humans, we will experience turmoil and unconscious actions, but we now, observe..from a grand distance, AS WE STAND WITH IT, we can feel compassion, but not touch the fire. This is indeed a very controversial subject this waking up..this enlightened life..this thing called consciousness….this so called ego death event…it is immense, illuminated awareness…of our soulful self within this world.

This now is no longer about me and my is about simple awareness, keen observation, and feeling the patterns without attachment and how to BE with this and be WITHIN it as well. I am a divine Soul, as you too are, in this body of life…and I see through my souls mind…it is sight so immense, and so transforming, but no words can converse it to life…no sharing equals its experience…and I crave at times to explore communication of it…with others of liked understanding, but..they too are in this state of awareness and comfort…and also understand solitude as the way this journey unfolds. We cross each other’s paths at times, and we “get” what the experience is, with really no explanations, and we are grateful to know there are indeed many at this part of the path….we are not alone, experiencing this “after enlightenment”, new beginning  phase.

“Enlightenment is: absolute cooperation with the inevitable.” 
Anthony de Mello

Yes Tolle sat on a bench for a few years and stayed in bliss….but bliss exhausts a Being is a fine experience, for a moment..but bliss is overrated for my human experience..…and we realize..we are reaching that point of observation where we have melded within awareness..and it no longer is a story about us…or me…or you..or is simply the illuminated awareness of all that is..and all that is around us, and all we experience..and the illusions are seen with clarity..and the game we played is clearly shown..and ended and put away. This life will continue to deal us different scenarios to assist our continuing expansion of sight, feeling, wisdom, growth, and beliefs. Peace is achieved when we observe the bliss of our Souls growth…bliss is not a natural way to interact in the human world, but the energy of this knowledge cannot be measured… lives through all we experience….in peace of mind…

“Peace is the nature of the mind. And bliss is the nature of the Soul!” 
― dada bhagwan

I feel worn down…like all my edges have been tumbled to smooth glass..transparent and cool to the touch. This part of the journey for not balloons and bubbles…no fireworks or is a deep breath, a calm energy, a reflection of myself through this smooth glass…my soul… it is my body reprogramming to a new wellness of Being. I have renewed energy but it is quietly whispering…”let it be, lonely hunter…let it be”….

Melding within this experience will take as long as it will take. I have no desire to search right now for new potentials; I simply am open to right now. I look to the Sun for the guiding light. I feel the warmth of this journey. It has been bittersweet…all of it.

Grace has been a constant companion for me. I did not always see it so clearly, as I do now, but seeing it now, I appreciate it so much more.

The gratitude walks that have been a blessing in my daily life continue to comfort me, and teach me that which I believe about myself. Not all of it will be shinny brilliance, the corners that I have enjoyed hiding in the past, are well illuminated now, and today, I do not fear to witness myself in this light. The shadows of me reveal the lines on my face….

Knock on your door in happiness, and in angst. Knock on your door in gratitude and in grief. Be always aware of all the opportunities to open your own doors. The answers are always there..if you just have the courage to knock on your door and answer this’s from your own beautiful Soul. It knows you are ready to answer the door.

I dreamed of this freedom, so long ago..and then I let it go….but never gave up hope……I had no clue what it looked like, but as it is said..”don’t stop believing.” We are all worth it. Worth the pain, worth the journey..worth the love and worth the strength and courage it takes to knock on the door.

I believe this feeling of contentment will always be here forevermore to experience within a breath of awareness. I hear the sounds of emotions now and I feel truth and grace, gratitude and strength within them.

“Enlightenment will be now the beginning, not the end. Beginning of a non-ending process in all dimensions of richness. ” 
― Osho

There are many posts from long ago to just this month, about ”after” the awakening. All the questions around an event that wear many labels….Here At the Table, we do not believe awakening ends..or that enlightenment happens only once…we believe it is the beginning anew and it continues as we expand in consciousness, the dimensions expand in which we dwell..and the journey then expands…..whatever terminology you wish to use… indeed..we are always in growth..even in the silence of our awareness. But I will am understanding how I am experiencing this awareness…. immensely aware of that Being… called ME….through the eyes of my Soul. My life has changed and the landscape of awareness is illuminated with calm ….with compassion and an eerie energy that borders on boredom…..

I am tired…and I honor this silent smile on my lips as I sit in meditation…this comfortable place I have landed…in this moment…in illuminated awareness.

Thank you for joining us today At the Table. It is a fine day to share what is On my Plate. I am grateful for your visits and your conversation. I am immensely aware of all the blessings bestowed upon my life at this time..through all of time…and sincerely, I would not change one moment…

Create a most amazing adventure within your world. Enjoy your journey with all your heart..and beautiful Soul..You are amazing and immensely Loved….Namaste’

August-September VII


Read, rinse, repeat, and then read again….it’s wonderful guidance

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opalor2316bpOpal comes in many forms, and is useful for many purposes, including Soul Retrieval.  Opal is just Quartz with a bit of Water included in the Crystal Structure.  It’s the reflection off the Water molecules that creates the “Fire” or Dance of Colors in Opal.  This is an Oregon or Jelly Opal.

  Š    Š    Š    Š    Š 

After dwarf planet Sedna turned Retrograde today, it took three and a half hours for Wall Street to realize that the Fear had subsided and they could buy again.  Sedna’s a newcomer, so nobody knows a lot about it, but I interpret it as Actions taken out of Fear, and that’s certainly what Wall Street’s been doing for the last several days.  When a planet is slowing to a stop, in this case turning Retrograde (backward in the sky), we feel the planet’s effect very strongly while…

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Shocking endings and beginnings: First super full moon August 2015 | Maharani Rutan

Lovely information here. The opportunities are immense, and observation skills are mandatory…as we all view our choices…with a deep breath and illuminated  awareness

The Oracle Report

Immense validation💖

At the Table My Past and I Have Parted Ways

Good morning and welcome to the coffee and conversation. Today is indeed a brand new day, and yesterday has been played has no room here in my life. Come sit here At the Table, and let me share my experience with you. Awareness came roaring in yesterday and the journey of my life just came up for review. The hunger game was ready to play..but I had grander plans…..

Yesterday, as I walked in gratitude, I could feel a shift of energy, an abundance of awareness, illuminated awareness, and survival energy was present. As I observed this, my wounding events started to come up for feeding. I chose to lie down, and breathe and look at the events from my distant shores, and observe myself at my harmony wall. So there I AM…allowing the events to come, and I had a truth at each illuminated awareness billboard, showing the story behind the “story”. I also could see with each event, each wounding, that I walked farther away from the event…and I thought..”what a divine surrender” and in that very moment, I saw the past staying in place, as I walked beyond it and soon, as I came to the next wounding event, I saw that the billboard was already shinning for me to see the story..behind the “story” and the memory fading..and one by one..I parted ways with my past.

I did fall asleep and saw a store with big windows and a castle type of architecture, and I saw where I could no longer go there, nor did I wish to. I took an elevator instead to a room where there was a blue liquid that splashed upon me..and I had to clean it off, and once I did, I had power,..more power than I knew was possible…..The dream seemed endless but when I awoke it had only been an hour since I had lain down. I felt renewed energy, I felt balance and knew that I indeed ended the hunger games. There is no ego to is a process I have accomplished, an expanded awareness..ILLUMINATED AWARENESS… of where I have come to. Tears gently rolled….in relief…not grief….I could “feel” the truth here, not emotions..just the truth in the feeling.

I have long spoke about the art of observation and the rewards of observing choices within our lives before we go about running amok and just allowing the controlling thoughts, and controlling patterns of ropes that keep us tied to repeating grief and despair. It takes much more energy and discipline, to observe our choices,instead of just rolling with the flow, over and over, but the rewards are immense. I have also spoken about the awareness and the feeling of our world. These are sincerely vital actions to learn to work with. Being aware of our feelings is a grand indicator of what we see through the illusions of our world, the illusions of others, and most importantly, the illusions we are feeding ourselves. By practicing observation …you see clearly, your awareness is indeed illuminated, and the feelings are always real here in this space. These are vital actions to arrive at the word enlightenment.

As your awareness is observed the past stays in its place..we are the ones that carry the echoes forward and give it energy for continued wounding..and this is for our betterment toward the healing. We let go..when we are choosing to, when we step firmly into our awareness and courage. Once we are strong or healed or in that place of freedom, we FINALLY witness moving beyond it…and the deep harmonic echoes of its energy is again…a reminder..that all that is not of truth or is false and  no longer serving us, will fall away..and our past is just that…it does not live in the now…it cannot live at is had its day..the moment passed such a long time ago. The wounds are so very deep, you must be gentle with yourself, and be understanding that you attend the dance your own way,,its how you hear your own music.

We know this is not new news, but this process for me was yet again, a deep understanding of where I have landed in my world. I am participating with new creation. There is new wisdom, new knowledge that comes with this momentum, and I am preparing myself to receive new tools to assist me for higher conscious activities. The past is not “active”.

I will always have scars, but I do not have to touch them to remind me of where I have been. Some of these scars are many lives deep..and I do not revisit my life from thousands of lives revisited this lifetime of wounding stories..over and over until I no longer craved to feel the hunger of the wounds, and I believe that in this grand season of ascension, we can also ascend from our life, this lifetime, while in body, parted completely from this life’s past and allow the scars to simply be badges of courage that decorate our souls, no attachment to a story or a memory.

The life I came from is really is. There is nothing in my life at this time, that even closely resembles where or what I was before now. I see with immense clarity that each day..I leave yesterday easily in its rightful place. I indeed am not carrying any of yesterdays baggage..learned that lesson!!!

Enlightenment happens calmly, in the silence as well as in the storm. It is in is in ending the search for the destination. Wanting and having what is now, with all your heart, in the now of your life, at this now time, is where you will expand awareness. Searching for the “better day, the better way, the better partner, the better than this moment” keeps awareness at bay…and compassion far behind in the forest…where healing is just a word… is not active…..

Enlightenment is a never ending journey of each now moment..achieved even while chaos carries a high pitch in the background, as your heart quietly, takes the lead, and the more you embrace it..the more you are free to become aware of the view that you are observing…..and a deep breath, a pause, and a tall drink of water is enjoyed to the fullest expression.

I am experiencing not what is next,  but what I have now and what IS now, and what I have created now..not long ago…not tomorrow.. and I am not waiting to experience a new spiritual revelation, nor a grand release of emotional baggage…I quietly take grace in hand, and pray that I will be better this day as my awareness of all that I am and all that is abundant in my life right now, expands and ILLUMINATES my world. I am a spiritual being, that’s how I roll, but to become enlightened is to become aware and expand on that..and when tomorrow comes, you have left this day to rest on its own..and you begin newly aware and expand yet again, as you observe with a finer awareness.

I am grateful to witness this journey is free to continue in grace, gratitude and this mist of time. Enlightenment is not spiritual, meditation in mindfulness, yoga classes, chants, affirmations, nice words bundled into a package with a bow…It is ongoing…it is messy, it has no destination, just you and your illuminated awareness for a GPS system..and if you meet yourself along the way… you will be richer for the experience.

We have long ago awakened and I would not change one thing. I can, with grace, say I have indeed experienced enlightenment many times, and have come from the ashes of that fire journey..and now, I walk peacefully in my awareness expanding, illuminating, and therefore, step into an expanded conscious dance with this life. I already feel empowered beyond words…this parting was bittersweet… observe truly, how much love is within me, to experience the courage of myself, and to taste this freedom with grace.

“Only in the agony of parting, do we look into the depths of love”, George Eliot

Thank you for joining us today At the Table, and allowing me to share what is On my Plate. Namaste’

“Somewhere in the world
Are friends I’ve missed from long ago
Could be drifting by the wayside
Or even dead – I just don´t know
And now my memories are fading
…Like melting footprints in the snow”

John Mayall – Mists of Time


At the Table In The Deep

Good beautiful morning dear fellow travelers. Welcome to the conversation At the Table. We are sharing stories about how deep we bury our heads and continue to walk fine lines of half-truths.

Yesterday was a fine day here in Cali, not too hot, a just right day. I was busy in my garden and enjoying… simply….

I took a break and grabbed my tablet and looked at my emails and there was a message from a “spiritual” site. It was designed to be viewed as personal, but it was mass shared, and I do not recall signing up at this site…, but it started out..Do not be in fear of the stock market crash today…I stopped and said what??

It is true that all of us here At the Table do not watch mainstream t.v. We are Netflix peeps and Pandora this does not mean we hide our heads in the sand, but..we maintain our peaceful acceptance that we are doing more than just surviving, we are thriving in a world that is spinning with enough crazy…no need to add more to the mix right?..Well I asked google what the dow closed at..and there it was….it brought up mass hysteria tablet almost flew from my hands in sheer fear!!

Yes, my retirement is in the stocks…a 401 and a profit sharing system as well…but guess what? I cannot draw it out..I will get heavily penalized if I panic and try to remove everything..and I simply cannot remove everything because I am not old enough yet to play with my own money!! (Haha ) Yes, I must be 67 before I can draw it all out…so..what is a girl to do? I definitely felt the pangs of panic..I got all in my head about it..saying….I will move it all to a cd..there that will “fix” it..but in reality…if a crash did indeed happen…even that would not safely shield my money . I decided to breathe..just breathe…and feel my energy…no emotional input..and I gained balance. I looked at this email again..and although it was meant to share created a fear inside of me..yes..for a moment..but fear indeed was the go to emotion…

I do not advocate hiding in a fog..but indeed..even the actual facts are fiction..the world indeed is had to fall apart in order to be brought to the light..

We are in the deep dear fellow travelers. I let that fear moment go..and gained my peaceful energy..looked at what I have done to be more prepared for ANY sudden catastrophe..I have water, I have emergency kits, I have stocked canned goods..(lots of beans) and food for my fur babies…I have a solar powered charger for my phone..for my flashlight..and a briefcase with all my important know..a copy of all the stuff that the government calls me and mine…

I believe we have been rightly prepared for whatever we are to experience. I believe in my calm and acceptance. I enjoy each day..each MOMENT…

It is true, I have no daily “job” I am retired..but this brings challenges that those that do have jobs do not have to face. So indeed..we are ALL in the deep…and it is how you choose to swim in the deep that will create your next decisions.

When I deleted that email..I deleted that energy and peace came upon my heart and I was in control and it was an experience that almost drowned me..but I came up for air and felt the compassion within my heart for my panic. Re-actions are immediate is in our old conditioning. But it can be witnessed and deleted within a breath…and this is where observation skills are appreciated. I refuse to be a part of the panic..the chaos..the undoing….

I was a fine activist in my young am actively practicing unconditional acceptance and let everyone roll with their own changes..for I can only save myself..and as I successfully do that..I open doors for others to save themselves and the awakened collective then swims effortlessly in the deep…

The market, the world economy ,the money, the jobs, it is all manipulated by the governments and the war of light and dark…and all must play their games….and we are here now not to be of fear..we are here to be in our strength through this storm..and if I am to return to my gypsy life..I am prepared..and the rest God will provide me with…I will live this life the best I am able..until I cannot…then that’s a new story …..

I wish to send love and promise this day…We are given the promise..that we will not be given witness to anything we cannot handle..we have prepared long for this…and none of it has been easy..

Lace up the boots tightly dear fellow travelers…and be ready to swim in the deep…we will be turned away from this grief and turmoil..know this…we are strong and we are ready.

Here At the Table, we normally do not take on world event conversations, but experiencing my moment in a lapse of reasoning…I was guided to share this. I will not say there is nothing to fear..I will always have a choice…and if fear is where you is your moment to observe..and what is fear and false will fall away..truly it will.  Believe your feelings..not your emotions. We are finely prepared to experience the Earths rebirth.

Thank you for joining us today At the Table, and as always, we are sincerely grateful to share what is On my Plate. Look fully into the Sun…we can do this dear fellow travelers…We are amazing and prepared..Namaste’

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