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I truly never stopped accepting…. In a moment’s notice…life challenges us…and we can see immediately what energy we will begin to address it with….WE CAN FEEL IT RISING….and how we will “set the tone”of this experience..without knowing one thing…and without questioning this and actually how we will choose to unfold with it…is all readily available to view. I am grateful that I maintained my awareness, to empower a most amazing outcome. Renting space in someone else’s story can be cumbersome…..

We were told we had to move, due to the owner giving the home to the son…On June 21, 2016. A home we have been in for over three years.

The same owner had another home available for rent ….so we rented that..(this came after a week of not finding a thing to rent) We actually had found 3 separate rentals, but all 3 either would not be ready in time, or the resident changed their mind about moving…or the location was not ideal….God at work

The home was unique in a very odd way..I held onto my gratitude, that a home was available, that it was the same owner..even though that felt very strange as it unfolded…. and we were putting in a new yard with sod in the back for Beans…so Hubs was working there after his day job each day…(Hubs is an Ironworker, a Superintendent, for 40 years..he is a tough man…not a young man though)…..getting the ground ready for sod and putting in auto sprinkler system, in the Cali summer heat….The energy of this home did not match ours at all. I could not see us there at all….and the way everything was unfolding…told me the story was not finished…..and it was not what it looked like. Hubs energy was always a bit frantic when he would come from working over there..he told me he is trying hard to like this home..but he cant..all he can do is accept it…that’s where I landed as least we have each other for company huh!!! I accepted but I never once saw us moving there NEVER ONCE….I was aware of this strange void…

The original date of availability was July 22, 2016 but was changed by the owner to July 29, 2016, so he could do some remodeling. So all the utilities and everything had to be changed a second time…I remained calm and just changed the scheduled dates….….God at work…..

On July 22, at 9 a.m.(the original date of the move) the owner decided we could stay in the home after all…the son was not taking the house……God at work……

The entire home was packed at this point. We were 7 days away from the beginning of the move…..Everything except the basic essentials and our biggest furniture was in a box or actually sitting in my 3 car garage…with no room for even one car anymore…..ready for not one but 2 full moving days..and two trucks and two days of movers… all utilities changed, mail changed, a change of address on bills and banking and well…LIFE….…all for the second time done…….will now need to be changed for the third time in 3 weeks….back to our original address….where we have traveled much and never left home….

The grace and gratitude in my heart…GOD AT WORK!!!!!!

I am not unpacking. We have firm intentions set now…for purchasing our home in 2017. We have given ourselves 7 months…we did not sign a new lease and the owner promises he will not ask us to move again…he came to our home this past weekend and he cried and asked us to forgive him ….of course we both hugged him and told him…..there is nothing to forgive…….it’s GOD AT WORK!!!



24 July 2016 Step Carefully | Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

At the Table Fine Tuning



“All beings are vast multidimensional masters. They may be exploring divinity or limitation, but they are masters nonetheless. Then it becomes ok to simply allow them their process.” 

― Ariel Tachi-ren


As I walked in gratitude this morning…I wondered….does the Earth ever go retrograde??????

Reality…it’s a concept I am still grappling with. At times..I feel this dream as I am walking in the daylight…and I can hear between the air..and I see myself changing both energetically and physically. I watch myself..and see others watching me too..knowing..they stand on the same surface I do..yet..what reality..what dimension do they see and hear and feel…and live in?

The fine art of multi-dimensional life…we get fine-tuned as we experience this with unconditional acceptance… and as we sit in gratitude..allow to witness where we have walked from the day before….and center Self…feel where you are at in the world…energetically. Where does your signature feel most at ease? Which realm of energy are you in and how do you recognize it..or feel it in your body?

May blessings abundantly flow through your journey this day and always……


Incursions of Light Beings into darkened realms increase in effectiveness


gaia_energy1Incursions of Light Beings into darkened realms increase in effectiveness.

Stormings continue with Higher Energetic intent.

Former contrasts are harmonized.

Letterance of timelines proceeds.

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In this moment, it’s enough –

Good News: The Ego-Self Is Gone Now


“I repeat, and will do so again and again, that the ego-self is gone from you. Whether you fully realize this or not matters not. This A Course of Love has accomplished. Now the choice is before you to do one of two things…to proceed toward love or fear. If you proceed with fear you will assemble a new ego-self, an ego-self that perhaps will seem superior to the old, but which will nonetheless still be an ego-self. If you proceed with love, you will come to know your Christ-Self.” (ACOL, T3:4.8)

In this mid-way point in A Course of Love, we are ALL told that the ego-self is gone from us. But how can we be sure? The bottom line is that we would not have read this far, assimilated this much, if egoic notions were still dominant in our minds. Egoic notions have previously dominated our minds, but…

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At the Table By Thy Grace

My heart today is so full of Love and the deepest of compassion…we witness the worlds desperate death and we wish to look away…yet…in the witness of it all…we Rise….there is a strength and a divine purpose that pushes us onward..that we could not have visioned how horrific the life on this planet would end..but it is ending…the death we watch truly is the dark stars falling….

Know that as we watch…we must maintain and raise higher vibrations…to view above or beyond what is happening now…for what we can vision for our tomorrows can be touched right here…create it now…in your heart..BY THY GRACE ..AND THE GRACE OF GOD will create the world NEW……

At the Table The Way

**A beautiful mantra for the Love Rising within you**


The way might seem familiar…for we have felt this path as we wandered years ago…..we touched today somewhere back then..for its sounds awaken the familiar passion within my Soul, as I touch who I have become……

 “What you are is God’s gift to you, what you become is your gift to God.” 
― Hans Urs von Balthasar

In this becoming …I have learned to love myself and this life completely, unconditionally, for I learned as I watched how God loves me……unconditionally……he showed me The Way. That Love is a familiar comfort and a powerful strength. I feel this comfort and this strength each day, as I walk onward…in Faith..that the things I witness…are of goodness still….that the pains on this Earth are birthing pains…as the New Earth is born unto us…… and we are newly born unto the Earth…as we give ourselves and our world…compassion…we allow ourselves to Rise beyond the suffering and see the way that is being cleared from the debris of this life……with a love filled heart.

“The Way is not in the sky; the Way is in the heart.” 
― Gautama Buddha

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Time of Great Unmasking and Upheaval ~ Galactic Council of Light –

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LISA RENEE (Energetic Synthesis): “Protecting Our Heart” –

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