At the Table Peace-Filled Days

May your journey this long weekend be filled with a peaceful light and spectacular discoveries…

Breathe deep…as we step on the rim of summer…..

You are all cherished and immensely Loved…Be safe…journey well…and Love each of your moments…as you create them in gladness….Namaste’

At the Table Neon in Mornings Light


The fading of the neon of our life is witnessed now, as we Light our way, from the effervescent stream of truth….…NOW…in this present place we find ourselves at. The neon is ugly flashes off and on…..and the colors are dingy and the taste in our mouth feels stale……

The neon that emitted such beautiful colors…lit up our past…to create the grand illusion of beauty..of action…of belonging in the midst of the carnival….has fizzled to a flashing of moments…yet the light is not bright enough…..nor on long enough to get a good look at that which we sometimes wish to see…just one more time…we seem to squint our eyes and minds..and strain to see a moment…where we believe we could see the ghost of ourselves….

There is nothing to witness in this memory game…for we see through our lives in clarity with our own inner light…..our own elevated consciousness…and yes…we see through compassionate eyes…..we are gentle with ourselves here…as we celebrate softly…coming from a life…we did not even know we were having…

The memories of the memory cannot be felt. The dismantling has taken place..while we accepted the present moments of our journey…never noticing……the neon blinking…

This is coming from the illusion of our lives…this is where we realize…we have accepted completely…unconditionally…the truth of our journey….and have indeed stepped beyond looking back…the horizon has changed….and along with it…so have we. The memories we would visit…were lit with our perceptions…our expectations and our illusion stories of what we lived… we were attached to the beliefs we created about our story….which was simply decorated in neon.

The boneyard of all our old neon moments, lay dormant…the brightness gone…the stories are gray and lifeless…for touching them now…we witness…we were the only ones keeping their light flowing….

As we accept our truths completely…the need for neon is over…..and gone is a life……that we seem not able to remember….for no matter how bright the neon once was…it’s all clear to us now…the facade is so immense…we realize…how well the neon of our life hid the true colors of our journey….

The neon’s beauty…covered all that was ugly and decaying…but its brightness …its illusion..fascinated us…and colored our life with its illusion of a never ending dream….that we would reach someday…..tomorrow…or the next…and its brightness and lovely colors would never fade….UNTIL the Light of mornings rising…brought the truth….and we took the time to stay awake long enough to see beyond the illusion of the night……



Waning II

jbuss Astrology

Our Chief Asteroid Officer noticed a couple of additional things going on in the 26 May Jupiter-Saturn Square chart that we missed.

Not only has OR10 recently Initiated Pallas, but today Nessus does the same, at 6 Pisces, “A parade of army officers in full dress.”  And, Lilith is Conjunct Juno at the head of the Quintile Yod from Chiron and the Venus-Vesta-Sun Stellium.  The Lilith-Juno Initiation occurred last September, in 4 Libra, “Around a campfire a group of young people sit in spiritual communion.”  The current Juno-Lilith Conjunction, complete 29 May, is an Exposition.

Earlier we said, about the Juno QYod, that “it’s time to Learn to bring our Bummers up into Consciousness and deal with them as Masks rather than bottom-line Truths.  Seeing it now as a Juno-Lilith QYod, we can also say, it’s time to Learn to bring our Yangtegrity – our own collaboration with the…

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24 May 2016 Sure of Ourselves | Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

At the Table Empowered Posture


“Be flexible with outcomes and place no attachment to them, once they arrive”…

“Attachments can be heard, in the echoes that your thoughts hold onto and create.”

”Reality is realized in non-attachment. For it is not the thought that is harmful…it is our attachment to it that brings believing it…… to life.”

Wise teachers spoke those words….. in many ways, many languages….in history…

Non-attachment……is the letting each experience be, what it came to be…a moment in time…. It is in that elevated awareness…where we grasp our sacred intelligence…beyond the beliefs we hold dearly and witness yet more of our awareness of the formless Self.

“Attachment is the great fabricator of illusions; reality can be obtained only by someone who is detached. ” 
― Simone Weil

We witness here, in this immense place of acceptance, that attachment to an experience creates an outcome determined to stay stationary…….beliefs that do not budge….where stress and illness is created.

It’s the perception of the’s the measure of the moments importance…attachment to hold on by our toes to the reason or answer we form…….….yet, by holding on by our toes….there is no way to STAND…no freedom to walk beyond that moment, where merely holding on to the stillness hurts…there is no empowered posture here.

“The secret self knows the anguish of our attachments and assures us that letting go of what we think we must have to be happy is the same as letting go of our unhappiness.” 
― Guy Finley

Your Soul is attached to not one thing…..The Soul accepts and allows with no judgement, fear or expectations. Go into your empowered posture of awareness of acceptance…it’s the deepest knowing, this allowing, and the most powerful posture to BE with….this is where our Soul Speaks……and where we listen in a sacred acceptance….

Life is meant to live in splendid freedom…to allow that which is reflected and that which is born..its own life..its own moments…its own signature and its own lessons… without attaching our cumbersome selves to it and forming some illusory meaning to its being….

Allow this freedom from attachment to teach you …know not a thing while it speaks….…Walk well into your life this day…and may your blessings be many…as you journey with empowered posture….


Bridge of Hearts (Part I) – Full Moon @ 1 Sagittarius

Deep Breath…empowering guidance…

Robin's Window

train-on-the-bridge-abstract-hd-wallpaper-480x270Lyrics: Maren Morris – My Church

“I’ve cussed on a Sunday.  I’ve cheated and I’ve lied.  I’ve fallen down from grace a few too many times.  But I find holy redemption when I put this car in drive.  Roll the windows down and turn up the dial.  Can I get a hallelujah?  Can I get an amen?  Feels like the Holy Ghost running through ya, when I play the highway FM.  I find my soul revival, singing every single verse, yeah I guess that’s my church.”

It starts with a “wake-up call.”  What is believed to be “true” is found to be lacking.  There is a noticeable shift in values/thoughts/beliefs.  Disenchantment occurs when “I AM” un-full-filled.  Truth-searching begins.  Detox and purging are initiated to realign outdated values/thoughts/beliefs with a New Truth.  The goal becomes to share the New Truth.  It’s called Truth-Telling

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Your Weekend 21-23 May 2016 Icebergs and Wreck in Sunset | Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

At the Table Seeking Vibrations


This present moment is where we what we are…is where we match the vibrations around us…in this moment.

Raise your vibrations…on purpose…right NOW…as you ALLOW yourself to BE in your world NOW…….

Hear the rhythm within your breath, within your smile, as your vibrations rise to meet the celebration you are attending… YOUR LIFE…is NOW……


20 May 2016 To Die a Little | Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

At the Table Discovery


“It takes courage…to endure the sharp pains of self discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.” 

― Marianne WilliamsonA Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles”

When you dare to touch the vulnerable energy of your life…and the deepest of knowing…..of who you have become….you are content to ACCEPT this discovery…..and then to ALLOW it entry….. and it becomes a fine place to dwell. This effortless connection is the place where contentment is truly born, felt, and embraced….and it is here, where we overcome all the old desires, we held so close.

This is an immensely active energy…and space….and one that can be missed completely if the focus is on “future” creations or the “what next” searching.

“It was like discovering that some part of you wasn’t yours at all. And it made me wonder what else I couldn’t claim.” 
Sarah DessenLock and Key

It is where we expel our breath to the fullest degree of empty…where we discover…there is yet more depth to the experience. How deep our Souls do rest…and guide us gently to views we now can afford our eyes to witness…and allow our hearts to feel such.

We enter this contentment, realizing, all the layers of awakening, was a miserable journey indeed, as it tore the fabric of our life to shreds….it was seemingly endless. The journey of this long death that took us on this search for our SELF…that took us to all corners of our minds, our hearts and our life…taught us how to give it all up…to be barren of expectation…and then..we discovered what we could not see…until our entire life had been dismantled. When we finally let go, and gave in to our self, and allowed the Spirit its dance…we find contentment….. for this is the outcome from unconditional acceptance…and the reward for showing up for the revealing.

At this space, we feel our Root chakra expand and its strength is felt in more powerful understanding. The grounded energy is immense. I believe it is our awareness we touch here, that we no longer are tethered to those that we were born to, and to the life we were born within. It is here… that we touch our our passion rises. This is us..creating authentically in our own skin. We are in perfect alignment with our Souls mission, when we find this contentment..we know..without knowing anything…that we are on course…..we have traveled this awakening path, not just to awaken…but also to know within…that we need not take outward action…to create movement…

Take a deep breath, dear travelers; we are on the cusp of yet new awareness, new expansions, and new roads to take us further than our questions could ever travel…We are content to embrace this awareness..and still know within our hearts, there is still so much more to experience…awakening was just the beginning….

.Be well, on your way to your Life this day…accepting this magical place of between, feel into the energy of contentment, as we allow the dance to begin…..


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