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“I have found a desire within myself that no experience in this world can satisfy; the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world”. C.S. Lewis


May the dance begin……..

25 August 2016 Imagined Dragons | Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

At the Table The Oracle Report


It was Always You

Revealing the Absolute

Do not carry the world on your shoulders, balance the world on your shoulders. Hold a galaxy in the palm of your hand; bring rain where it is dry and light where it is dark.
Give yourself over to peace and love so completely that you become the balancing principle in the material and mental world. It was always you….it was always You.

-Atreya Thomas

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23 August 2016 Unhealthy Choice | Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

To have the guidance, by the ever brilliant  Julie Demboski, we know the energy weather..and are able to navigate with Higher awareness…the mud puddles still happen…and we decide when or if we walk around or through shoes or bare feet…yet by identifying the energetics present, we also are able to transform our thoughts and words and create new action WITH the knowledge of these tides that rush in and out of our experiences.

At the Table Lifting the Light

**todays music has been infused with Usui Reiki for all who wish to receive. Namaste’**

“We are a blessing to each other.”
Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind




Blessings Full Moon II

jbuss Astrology

Lots of Grief, sobs coming up for no apparent reason for many hereabouts.  It’s important NOT to intellectualize Emotions.  I know, it’s a huge temptation when we’re programmed by an Atlantean overHead Culture.  But attempting to apply CauseanDeffect to Emotions makes as much sense as applying Catfur to Pasta; they belong in different realms, and besides, you’ll gag on it.

This is Pisces homework, the ultimate Life Lesson that Pisces takes a Lifetime for, and Neptune (Confusion and Clarity) and Chiron (Despair and Miracle) are both in Pisces for the long haul, Chiron till 2019 and Neptune till 2026.  They’re both prominent in the Blessings Full Moon.

From the Perspective of Pisces, an unpleasant Emotion arising from the Depths for Letting-Go (as opposed to “Re-Leasing”) is indeed the ultimate of Blessing.  As long as It resides in the Deeps It rules us; when It arises, we can rule It.  But not…

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The Thorn that Precedes the Rose | Vicki Woodyard

Weirdo Book Reviews: Interpreting The Eclipses By Robert Carl Jansky

Viva Combusta!

L: Cover of "Interpreting The Eclipses". R: Photo by Amy Shore. L: Cover of “Interpreting The Eclipses”. R: Photo by Amy Shore.

“Eclipses. I know this is a very vast topic, but maybe eclipses of certain notable events? How eclipses stir things up, examples of. Why some are ‘duds’ or seem so. Interesting how they can be re-stimulated when a planet conjuncts that eclipse point, too–time frame for that happening.” – Nancy

Back in February, I posted an article asking for readers to submit questions that they’d like to see answered here on Viva Combusta! I answered nearly all of them shortly thereafter except this one. It was past eclipse season by the time I started working on the writeup, so I decided to wait until the next eclipse season, which is upon us this September. Since we’ve also got Mercury in its domicile Virgo emphasizing effective use of our words, I want to kill two birds with one…

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At the Table Being Here Now


As I walked in gratitude this morning, the moon still seemingly red, from the fire in the air… energy, a feeling, came over me that engulfed me so completely. Love in majestic proportions flooded my heart…..and I realized…my heart was opening and flooding ME with unbound love. It is an amazing journey that brought me to this morning…and being here now…my gratitude is immense.

I was never one to seek a guru or a teacher to cling to ….I took the very solitary road to awakening…. My Hubs, he has been beside me the whole way, giving me the space to expand and the love to keep me safe, as I explored this thing called ME. This morning…I say a special mantra…to honor my Hubs…for he was AND STILL IS my guru..that I did not seek….he waited patiently for me to open my eyes. His teachings…taught me…..about unconditional love…and truly showed me…how afraid I was to have it and ACCEPT it.

Being here…the flow of answers begins… soft understandings…about such matter…that does not originate from the mind…but originates from the heart that experienced each step.

The journey to here…has ended…I have arrived to being here now. I embrace the new beginnings and the new frontiers to explore. This has been an amazing and torturous journey. The commitment to awakening and clearing it all away took many years…and the core of this journey was reached in 2008…and then the real mess began to unravel…

The continuing of awakening, expanding, melding in unity both Body/Soul and Heart/Mind…will bring new work, new knowledge and new meanings to Being Here….and Being Human……but for now…RIGHT NOW…Being Here…is the perfect place to be……

The conversations At the Table…will no longer share stories of the journey to HERE. We will share the new horizons as they rise…as we RISE…

Seek to witness your deepest desires and bring your life along for the ride….may you be accepting of the abundant blessings in your day…..and may you know how immensely Loved you truly are…..….Namaste’

“At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets.”
― Steve MaraboliLife, the Truth, and Being Free

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