Stabilizing in Chaos

Good morning dear fellow travelers of the Light ! I have taken a few moments to just BE. I am releasing LAYERS at a time now. No longer by each situation, or memory, or experience. This is both rewarding and beautiful, yet difficult and necessary. I am shown that I can remove or release layers of my illusion life easily now, and I am grateful to have this opportunity and reward. It is by its own nature, very energy consuming. I am taking this time to stay still, and BE within. I am receiving answers and guidance for this next journey in the Spring. I am focused upon that which I am placing intentions on planting, for the fall harvest. I am emerging from a cocoon that I had not realized I was maintaining. This became very apparent as I worked with my inner child, and brought her completely forward, In going through this process, we are merging our energies, in other words, I am repairing “holes in my soul” with the merging of myself with my inner child aspect. Many new potentials are appearing for my observation. I am focused upon much change within my life at this time. I am feeling a new strength, a new pulsing energy that is bringing such incredible frequencies and alignment.
I will be back soon, to share many new conversations here At the Table. I send blessings abundant for your journey today. Namaste’

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